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From a photograph taken to send to her six sons, all of whom were far away

in Canada, the Pacific, when she was in her fifties I have tried to imagine how this lively woman must have looked when she first left London to live in a rural village. My WACOM is still not behaving quite as I would like but I did find the practice worth doing.

This painting is done first with a pencil sketch.  I found the colouring in an interesting practice.  Fran

The Horseman

It should have been easier to draw the swishing hat but somehow I found this  as you can see difficult–and yet this man was almost never seen without a hat–even when the horse was speeding off and not entirely in control.  I need Heather nearby for she is so good at drawing expressive hands, hands, perhaps tell us more about the person than most details.  Perhaps it will take more years than I have  to learn but even making the effort is becoming rewarding.  Fran

Another practice drawing: This time I know I must re-draw the eyes but I thought
I would share the beginning with you.  Fran
Can we know the woman behind the veil?
Painter of the desert, done by using airbrushes and blender from Corel Painter
Crone Fran works on her magic informer while watching the morning sun on Rainbow Beach
This is the most difficult work I have attempted in  Corel.  I used a pastel for the initial drawing, then oil pastels to do the painting. This enabled me to use the blender.  I found getting the lights correctly particularly hard in the small format so the result is not what I would expect  to do with a lot more practice.  Fran

This is another practice session trying both brushes and blender and using a bucket. Fran

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