The Digital Atelier is a resource for members of the Soul Food Cafe Community interested in digital art. It is a place where members experiment and share ideas about Digital Art.

For the premier of this new blog, Lori Gloyd has created a series of “Lemurian Passports” constructed with Photoshop 7 largely using free-use images from Art E-Zine Vintage Resources and Dover Art. In addition, Lori has written a tutorial for creating a very simple collage using Photoshop 7.

Passport by Lori Gloyd 2007

And do keep checking for more projects to sink your digital teeth in to.

This place is for SFC members to experiment. If you have some of your own creations to share, want to share tips or even present your own tutorial, e-mail Lori at Lorijayne @ aol. com to request to be signed in.


Image: Lori Gloyd (c) 2007