1. Open two browsers. One will be for Flickr and one will be for WordPress.

2. In one of the browsers, go to http://www.flickr.com. If you already have a Yahoo ID, you would sign in using the Yahoo ID and password. If you are not a Yahoo member, then you need to sign up for an account (it’s free). When you have signed in, minimize the browser.

3. In the other browser, go to http://wordpress.com and sign in to the blog where you want to post your image.

4. Click Write. When the empty Write screen opens, then minimize WordPress but don’t close it.

5. Go back to the other browser with Flickr and maximize the screen.

6. Click “Upload photos.”

7. Click the Browse button next to the first box. Go to the directory on your hard drive where you have your image and select the image. Click open. You will see the name of the directory and image in the box. You can do this for six images. Make sure your images are JPG files with a low (72 dpi) resolution. Files that are too big may not upload.

8. Select a privacy setting. I usually choose “Private”.

9. Click upload. The uploading process may take a minute or two.

10. When the pictures have been uploaded, you will be asked to give new titles or descriptions to each. You can edit the names of images or you can ignore this if you wish. Just click Save at the bottom of the screen when finished.

11. Your newly uploaded picture will appear on the screen. Now, click the image you want to insert onto WordPress. It will open up on a screen of its own.

12 Just above the picture are several small icons. Find the one that says “All Sizes” and click that.

13.You’ll see the picture again with several size choices listed above it: thumbnail, square, small, medium, large. You don’t want your picture any wider than 400 or so or it will cut off on the blog. For most of my images, I pick Medium. Click the size you want. (Do not click the “Download” link.)

14. Now, scroll to the bottom of the page to item # 1

15. Highlight all of the coding in the #1 box.

16. Right click on the highlighted code and select copy.

17. Now minimize Flickr and maximize the other browser with your WordPress Write screen.

18. On the top of the Write box, you will see a bunch of icons. If you want to center your image, click the “centered” bars.

19. Now, click the Code tab. Hold down the Control and press V. This will paste the coding.

20. Click the “Visual”.

21. Finish your post by typing in your text, etc. Then click Publish and you’re done.