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These instructions were provided by Shewolfy. 

“On the Write page, go down underneath the area for writing, and you find the photo upload area.

Beside the file  area is  a Browse button. (Do not use the one in the blue bar at this point).  Click and go to the documents on your computer where you store your photos. (They should be saved for the web at 72 dpi and no more than 400 pixels wide)

Then upload the image by using the upload button underneath it, not the one in the blue bar.

When you are ready to publish them on the page, make sure that you click on “full size” so I don’t get thumbnails.

Make sure “link to file” is clicked. 

 You get 50MB of storage for free.”

Thanks again, Shewolf! 


Wide space

where the fence reaches the horizon

place of my leaving

greens in my lonely room

on dark nights


Next week, I will be starting a 30 day digital painting tutorial for anyone interested in learning how to paint using Corel Painter X and Adobe Photoshop (both programs have free trials you can download right before we start the 30 day program). If you use a Wacom tablet, great! If not, I’ll give instructions for mouse users as well. All you have to do to participate is download the daily image lesson and come to The Digital Atelier where I’ll be posting the tutorial daily lesson.

Also, I’ve been working on a painting the past few days giving people an opportunity to see the evolution. If you’ve missed seeing the digital painting in progress on my daily blog (, here’s the evolution up to day four of the painting.

Tuscany VineyardTuscany Vineyard Rev2Tuscany Vineyard Rev3Tuscany Vineyard Rev4

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October 2007

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