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Dark time
Once in a while
the pain’s intensity
overcomes her
she weeps until the moment
she remembers
your face

I created this montage of images in Photoshop and Terragen.  In Terragen I created the mountain, sky and lake, which I then copied into Photoshop as a background layer.  The woman, cat, tree, pillows, rug, and wallhanging were photographic elements.  The walls, floor, and curtains I drew by hand.  I used a number of texture filters to create the fabric, tile and plaster textures.  The woman was a black and white image that I hand colored.   This image was created in over 30 layers and took 8 – 10 hours.


Lori Gloyd

(c) 2007

Carol's butterfly card
Welcome home, what a special place to holiday. Fran

One of the hardest things to master in Photoshop is using the lasso function to make a selections.  Whenever possible, I try to avoid lassoing.   Here’s a way to select a portion of an image using the Magic Wand instead of the lasso.  This will only work if the portion you want to select is against a solid or almost solid background (for example, the butterfly image provided in the collage tutorial.

1) In the toolbox, the second tool in the right column is the Magic Wand (it looks like a little magic want).  Select the wand. Along the top bar click make the Tolerance 32, click anti-alias, and click Contiguous.  Leave the layer box unclicked.

2)  Now, using the magic wand, click the background of the image.  The selected background will have “marching ants” around it.  Now, go to the menu bar at the very top of the screen and click Select.  From the Select drop down menu, click Inverse.  Now, the butterfly is selected (should have marching ants around it).  You can now go to Edit and click Copy, then go to your new file and click Paste. 

Blackpool Towers

Cold morning memory
On mornings in winter
too cold for the horses
we walked to our school house
two miles made longer by having to climb snow banks
Our parkas were made by our mother out of stout canvas, the hoods fur-lined
to keep the bitter wind from our faces
Our daffodils did not dare come out before the 24th of May.



Here is something I created today and I think it is representative of the word Simplicity. But interestingly enough, the more I look at it, the more complexity I see, but only because of my own perceptions, not necessarily because the image has suddenly become complex.

This was created in Corel Painter using the Look Selector.


I try a portrait of a friend
It takes so many hours to get a painting working in this medium
but I do hope my efforts share some of that practice. Fran

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