“Pharoanic Moonlight”

constructed with Terragen and Photoshop7

Lori Gloyd (c) 2007


To create this image, I started by copying and pasting the lassoed image of the pyramids and foreground, then manipulating this layer by adjusting the levels, color balance, hue and contrast. The basic sky background I made in a free downloadable program called Terragen (Terragen is a landscape/skyscape building program). However, I could have also made the background by making a gradient fill in the appropriate colors and adding a highly feathered white circle for the moonglow. I added the starfield by making a separate file of a black background and applying the “Noise” filter to add the “stars”.  Then I adjusted the black background to a blue to match the sky and then added them as a layer. Then I added the moon and Orion constellation as separate layers. Finally, I added a lensflare to the moon and the star Sirius.